Thursday, 25 April 2013

Took this at Rugby station at the weekend as Tornado pulled out heading North.

A Cad exercise from last year

This is one that I was drawing up last year. Work on this has stopped for a while while I get the Class 70 project sorted. When I get to a new build steam locomotive this will be the one I would like to build. Till the next time.
Just a bit of an update on the Class 70 model. Things are progressing slowly, I am mainly working on the motor / gearbox / axle assemllies at the moment. After getting one or 2 other jobs out of the way, progress is now being made. This is what the current cad model for the finished item looks like. I still need to add some detailing on the body, mainly hinges and handles but nearly there now.
A simple side view
A closer view of one corner, this brings out why a bit more detailing is needed.
A general view of the overall Locomotive.